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self portrait

Cool things from today

Earthquake! I definitely could feel it in my office (Goleta, CA) and it was pretty far south of us... but it was a good sized one! 5.8! I hope no one was hurt because that would dampen my enjoyment of it, but I love earthquakes. N, however, was very sad because he didn't notice it and has never felt an earthquake. He also has never seen a roadrunner in real life which also is potentially see-able by my office.

Details here: http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/recenteqs/Maps/118-34.html

How was it for people down in the LA area?

Also, I got a pre-packaged chocolate crepe roll-thing (imported from France naturally) from our fancy pants grocery store and it was quite delicious. Miam-miam!


Yep, I am a bit surprised actually. And it wasn't too crazy or anything, but there was no doubt about what it was.

Glad you have no damage... I'm having a hard time picturing what a 5.8 earthquake is like. The last big one I was in was the 1989 San Francisco one, and that was 6-point-something.

Also... not to sound like an e-stalker because I'm really not, but I found you on Facebook -- would you mind if I added you?
I've never been in a tornado -- comes from living in CA my whole life, I suspect.

The SF earthquake was scary! I mean, I was, what 7 years old, maybe 8? And it was huge! Plus, didn't people die? So that's less fun...

Ok, I've sent a request on facebook. I feel bad because I update my LJ a lot privately, but don't make many public entries... but I always love your posts.
Wow! That is a lot of earthquakes that you missed. I'd be bummed, too.

I'd really like to see a little tornado. Basically natural disasters in general are pretty fun and exciting, as long as no one (including animals!) really gets hurt.

Yay new buddies! It's always interesting to see what people look like... You, my new friend, are quite adorable.