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self portrait

So you may or may not remember a post I made a while back about some friends breaking up...

Well, N and I have been (quite successfully) managing to hang out with each friend and not have it be TOO weird. And it's been about equal time with each friend (at least on my part) with no real badmouthing of the other... So, it's pretty much "so far, so good."

This weekend, though, we are going on a big "family" camping trip with a large group of friends. DP is going, as it was always more "his" group than DEs. Fine. I just heard from DE, though, that they hung out together this past weekend, and he asked to borrow her tent -- and then let it out that he is TAKING ANOTHER GIRL CAMPING. His "un-girlfriend."

They are allowed to see other people, etc. while they are on their "trial separation," but damn. There are other people whose tent he could borrow that I can think of right off the top of my head! Did he REALLY have to ask DE for hers so that he can be in it with someone else?

Either that is some really passive-aggressive bullshit, or he's just a clueless fucktard. Honestly, I don't know which it is.


Eeesh, that's pretty bad. I would be like, "OK, trial separation is now a FOREVER separation..."

I agree. I always thought it was a weird situation.