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self portrait


I spent the day with the SpEd kids... and I had SO MUCH FUN!

The kids' disorders are very varied. One kid, other than hyperactivity/learning disabilities, seems pretty much normal (Aspbergers, I would guess) all the way to a girl who is completely nonverbal. It's fascinating, and they were so sweet to me, all of them.

The goals of the class, at this point, seem to be to have them be able to fill out an identification card (name, sex, address, phone number, etc.) in case they get lost or want to apply for jobs... and also to learn daily life skills -- understanding signs/symbols, telling time, basic math, doing laundry, etc.

And the teacher (Tara) and her aides were awesome, and seemed really excited to have me there! Tara is even going to ask the school admins if I could be considered a substitute on Fridays so I'd get paid. I'd have to take the CBEST and they may say no, but hey, she JUST MET ME and is bending over backwards to help me out... and she said that some friday I could go to her sister's SpEd classroom and check it out, because they run their classes so differently, and would I like to see the differences, etc.

And they pretty much all had tattoos and piercings, which is AWESOME! I wonder if all schools allow that, or if it's just SpEd or just Santa Barbara...?

So, yeah, it's only been one day so far, and I'm sure some days will be much tougher... but I'm ready to take it on. And, in 3 months time, I'll have a much clearer idea of what I want!