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self portrait

A Step Forward...

Starting tomorrow, I will start volunteering in a Special Ed classroom in order to see if the reality of that as a possible career lives up to what I think it would be like. This opportunity is good for several reasons:

1. It will allow me to see if it is something I will enjoy doing/find fulfilling as a career -- BEFORE I jump headfirst and spend money applying/going to school.

2. According to my friend Holly (who found me the opportunity and works with the SpEd kids as their speech therapist) it will expose me to a wide range of disorders and functionality (from learning disabilities --> downs syndrome and autism,) which will help me find out if I have an affinity for a certain scope of disorders

3. It will allow me to get some practical experience that I can use to help me apply to schools/get more volunteer or intern experience/etc. Also, it would possibly give me someone who would be willing to write me a letter of reccommendation...

4. I showed myself that I have the balls to ask my work if I can not work on Fridays so I can volunteer, and that they said YES! Damn, my work is boring, but I sure do love my supervisor!

So yeah. Basically, I'm totally nervous, but totally excited.