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Ok, I don't know how much coverage this is getting outside of our local area, but Santa Barbara is on fire. And it's pretty bad.

It started up in the foothills, and well, that's close. A lot of the north end of SB has been evacuated, and more is on evac warning.

N and I had a restless night last night because the evac warning zone (i.e. have everything packed up and ready to go at a moments notice) is literally one block away from us, and the mandatory evac zone (i.e. OMG get out now!) is only three blocks away. Our important belongings are by the door (while there is much I would be sad to leave behind, I am shocked by how little of what we have is irreplaceable. For me, it's some financial records, my computer, the doll I've had since I was born, and the contents of my purse.)

The cat is more distressed by the extreme heat than he is by the smell of burning, and he mostly lays down as flat as he can on the hardwood floor under the fan. (Hey, cat-owning friends, other than making sure he has plenty of water, etc. is there anything I can do to keep him cooler? I should shave him, y/y?) We brought his crate out "just in case" last night, which freaked him out, but as we didn't try to stuff him into it (yet) he seems to have resumed his under-the-fan-floor-laying, rather than cower under the bed.

Exciting times, these.


It's getting a fair amount of coverage up here.

And seriously, do you have someplace you can go? Even if you aren't required to rush out the door right this minute, can you grab your stuff and your cat and just go?
We do have someplace to go -- my sister lives in LA and has a blow-up mattress ready for us. Also, both N and my parents are up in your area and said we could go there... but 1 hour to LA sounds better than 5 hours to the bay area.
Hope you guys are okay x
Nope, Westmont is fine. It's the actual city of SB that's threatened, as well as a lot of mountain.

Google Map of the Fire/Evacuation zones
Heh. I just woke up from one, so I didn't even notice the slip.
Would definitely be in touch for taco recommendations -- IF we have to go to LA. Which would be lame.

But... yeah, if we have to go there, tacos would make things better.

We have good tacos up here, too -- if you get up this way, I can point you to a few places...

You always make me laugh (on here and facebook) so we should be IRL friends, y/y?
Come visit SB! Well, maybe after we stop burning. We will have delicious new-friends-tacos. Maybe we will do a taco crawl and have one taco at many places?

So have you been to La Super Rica? It was Julia Child's favorite mexican place, apparently. Which is awesome.

The winds are sporadic. The fire is going NUTS, but not moving towards our apartment, for now. My kitty is seemingly unconcerned about the crate for now, and is flat on the ground, belly up under the ceiling fan.