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I have a question, dear LJ friends.

My friend is a good hairdresser, and she has (very sweetly) offered to cut my hair for free. This, therefore, is going to require a very nice tip on my part.

A haircut by her runs about... 40 dollars? Maybe 45? And (according to Google) a standard tip is about 20% (so, $8ish) but I want to know how much to tip on a free haircut! I was thinking maybe 20-25 dollars?



i usually tip about half (or a little less) of what the haircut should cost. my stylist used to do my hair for free, and at $60 a cut, i'd tip her about $25.
Thanks! That's helpful -- I've been struggling with this issue for a few days. :(
I think that sounds about right. You can afford to be generous, because you're saving money.

If she'll accept it...
Yeah, and I tip well anyway, so my haircut total would normally be, like, 50+ dollars... so giving her 20-25 still saves me money AND she gets to keep it herself, rather than giving it to the salon.

Hopefully it will be win-win.
I go for payment in kind these days, handy the shop is sometimes! Apart from that, I have no idea, I'm rubbish at these things!
Ha! You're very lucky you can do that -- it would make life so much easier!