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It's Santa Anas time...

HUGE fire in the Santa Barbara Foothills/Montecito... Westmont (the college I attended for those who don't know) has been affected -- a dorm (probably Clark as it was on fire last night) has been destroyed, as well as possibly some other buildings. All of the students had been herded into the gym, and I assume they are all fine, as I've not heard otherwise... and that is something they'd report. ("Innocent Christian Youths Cooked in Own Gym Like Christmas Hams.")

Over 100 homes in the area are gone as well, and I haven't heard any reports on containment.

It's just so CLOSE! N and I are far enough away that we won't be directly affected unless something VERY strange happens -- but we could easily see huge flames from our porch. Friends have been evacuated from their homes. It's been raining ash since around 6 last night, and doesn't seem to be letting up.

If you are interested, updates can be found at http://www.independent.com

On the plus side, my office is closing at noon because there is NO ONE HERE so I get a half-day off, with pay!