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Who has had experience with the GRE and/or CBEST-CSET test(s)?

I have to take ALL 3 of them by February... I'm generally quite good at standardized testing, but have never taken these particular exams and am worried I have bitten off more than I can chew.

Reassurances? Anecdotes? Help!


I took the GRE 16 years ago and it was like the SAT. Lucky me; I get to take it again on December 22nd and it's changed significantly since 1992.

All I've heard about the CBEST from people who have taken it is that it is EXTREMELY easy. I wouldn't worry about that one too much.

I generally do well on standardized tests. The PSAT, the SAT, the GRE, and the LSAT. My scores on each of them with pretty comparable with each other. Percentile-wise, I was a little lower on the LSAT (95th) than the SAT (99th), but that would be expected since fewer people (and all of them college grads) take the LSAT. Your scores will probably be in keeping with your past scores. Just get a few test prep books and review those, so you'll feel confident.
Ok, then... that makes me feel better. I don't know what percentile I usually end up in, but it's always in the 90s somewhere.

N has a GRE prep book from last year, so it won't be too out of date... if I can feel reasonably comfortable with that one, then everything will be peachy!

Thanks for the reassurance, and good luck on your GRE! Let me know how it goes.

CBEST help on the way

I'd like to offer you complimentary access to our online program "CBEST Online Course and Practice Tests."

Our online program (over 1,250 web pages of instruction) covers all competencies including the updated 2007-2008 test specifications. The program's eight, full-length practice tests in Reading and Mathematics (4 each) are modeled on the practice test from the Official CBEST Web Site (cbest.nesinc.com). You can even write a sample essay and receive a reply with appropriate feedback.

Follow the simple steps below to begin using the program:

1. Locate the following URL with your Web browser:

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That's it. You are free to use the program; there is no obligation on your part. If you find our instruction and practice tests helpful, you can send a testimonial to service@longsdalepub.com but you don't have to.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.

Craig Hansel
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